Workers' Compensation
Manual Therapy (97140) is covered under Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC), when prescribed by your physician.  With an approved C-9 treatment can begin.  Please contact us with any questions you have.

Auto Accident

There are two ways to have massage therapy covered when prescribed by your physician due to an auto accident.  Dependent upon policy, some auto insurance companies will cover treatment.  Otherwise, billing can be deferred, as long as an attourney is representing you, and a Letter of Guarantee is provided.

Treatment notes and deferred bill ($120/treatment) forwarded to client and attourney, treatment notes forwarded to physician.
                                               20 treatment limit
Medi Flex
A prescription is required for reimbursement.  It can be as simple as: "Massage Therapy as needed for pain." or as detailed as your physician deems necessary.
Invoice forwarded to client for submission to medi-flex.
Self Pay Medical Massage

Treatment notes $30.00 per session
forwarded to client and physician
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Workers' CompensationMedi-Flex
Auto Accident          Medical
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